Facesaver Mask in action

The Best Winter Face Mask? ...FaceSaver™ Mask!

Hi, my name is Bob Sawyer and I have been an avid skier for most of my life. The idea for the FaceSaver™ Mask was a process, developed as I skied as much as I could, in any conditions.  I like to be out skiing when the wind is howling and the snow is flying and everyone else has been driven into the lodge.

After experiencing skin damage from the sun and wind, I started looking for a ski mask that would protect my sensitive skin but still allow me to breathe without a wet or frozen mesh over my mouth.  I began cutting the bottom half off of ski and snowboard masks so I was left with the upper lip, nose, and cheek covered.  From there the FaceSaver™ Mask idea was born.

My half-face mask allows you to have full coverage of your entire face when used in conjunction with a gaiter and goggles.   I find I can stay out for almost any amount of time with my mask in place! Some of my best customers are folks that work in the ski industry and who know what it is to be out all day, every day.  The mask can be easily stored in a pocket when not in use and put on when you need it. I find I wear mine most days because of the protection it offers my face from damaging sun and snow.

The FaceSaver™ Mask store was opened in 2014 and we have sent masks as far away as Finland!   The mask is also sold at many of the retail stores in the Wasatch front area (see the Find Us page).  So, if you are looking for the solution to your cold-weather days on the slopes try my mask and I think you will be very happy with the way it performs.

I hope to see you on the slopes!